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Susanville Indian Rancheria

Tribal Constitution  Bylaws of the Susanville Indian Rancheria   Lassen Indian Health Center Bylaws  
Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance   Animal Control Ordinance   Ballot Measure Ordinance  
Burial Fund Ordinance   Discharge of Pollutants   Member Donation Ordinance  
Election Ordinance   Enrollment Ordinance   Environmental Policy Ordinance  
Exclusion of Persons from the Rancheria Ordinance   Food Sanitation Regulation Ordinance   Gaming Ordinance  
Housing Ordinance   Leases of Tribal Property and Leasehold Mortgages Ordinance   Liquor Ordinance  
Residental Land Assignment Ordinance   Solid Waste Ordinance   Tribal Claims Ordinance  
Tribal Member Assistance Ordinance   Tribal Tort Ordinance   Worker's Compensation Ordinance  
Higher Education Program Ordinance 2014-001   Job Placement and Training (JPT) Program Ordinance 2015-002   SIR Youth School Clothes / Supplies Program  
SIR Youth Sports Program Ordinance   Sponsorship Ordinance   Tribal Member Change of Address Form  







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